Cakemart France

cakemart_us_header_franceCakemart France is the new online shop for baking supplies in France. Since 2014 the French benefit from a wide range of products around the topic of baking. is a trademark of the CAKE MART GmbH and has its roots in Germany. 2011 started the family-runned company with a small Web presence and developed it under the label within a few years to the market leader for baking supplies in the german online market.

With the expansion of range to France, rips exactly into the heart of the french baking enthusiasm. Because the french cuisine is a cuisine with an international reputation. Nothing expresses this better than the term „Haute Cuisine“. Not only the cooking or making fine wines have shaped the image of France as a nation of connoisseurs of culinary culture. Also the famous Chocolateries and confectioners, who maintain the craft of chocolate production and produce high-quality and fine chocolates, have contributed their part. And also the baking is part of this lifestyle, which is in France appreciable at almost every corner.

lollipop_mold_heartsIn addition to the rather anglo-saxon-inspired bakery of cupcakes and muffins, the typical pastries of that country are of course very popular, too. Tartes or Madeleines are known far beyond the borders of the country. Macarons are very trendy. This baisier based pastry consists two shell halves and a creamy ganache. Food color will be very often added to the dough of the macarons, so that they are shining in bright colors. The taste of the cream mass can vary. Commonly chocolate, vanilla, or delicious berry fruits will be used. To bake macarons, the French will find on the right accessories. Macaron pans, pastry bags with tips and decorative boxes are a must for anyone who wants to create genuine macarons.

muffin_casesIt don’t matter what will be baked: serves all needs with its range of products. Who would like to to become a chocolatier, accesses to the chocolate melter or the candy molds. Who wants to make cupcakes or muffins, won’t pass the muffin cases or the pastry bags. If you want to prepare cakes, baking supplies such as baking pans, cake stands, or fondant will be exactly the right choice for you. All baking enthusiasts from France will discover something inside the rich offer of