Meincupcake is an online shop and a trademark of CAKE MART GmbH. The family-runned company started 2011 with a small Web presence and becomes the market leader for baking supplies in the german online trading. The supply of felt quite quickly on a fertile ground due to a large and long baking tradition of baking in Germany.

cake_tin_guglhupfOne of the most famous and popular classics in Germany is the Gugelhupf, a simple sponge cake with or without raisins. This pastry is baked usually as a ring or circular cake in its typical form. In Austria, however, the term „Gugelhupf“ refers only to the baking tin. The marble cake is also firmly integrated into the german baking culture. Here, the batter is mixed with chocolate. The marbled looking surface is the typical result after baking.

cookie_cutter_dom_cologneIn Germans are baking through the whole year. But around Christmas, the baking fever booms. They love their cookies. Christmas or advent season are almost unthinkable without cookies and Germany thus becomes a real cookie land. But the many hobby bakers are not limited on the classic Christmas themes, such as stars or Christmas trees. Also unusual cookie cutters, such as the „Brandenburger Tor“ or the „Kölner Dom“ are very popular and of course a part of the products of And baked goods from Germany – such as cookies, almond biscuits or cakes like the „Dresdner Christstollen“ – goes fast in the world. They are a true export success and shape increasingly the image of Christmas markets abroad.

In addition to the cakes and cookies the creamy cakes are also very popular in Germany. One of the most well-known creations is the „Frankfurter Kranz“, a Buttercream cake with meringues and a crunchy coating. More popular is the Black Forest cake, with its main ingredients cream and kirsch. But the Germans are not only confined to their traditional pastry creations. Since a few years cupcakes, muffins or cake pops take steps into the focus of the baking enthusiasts.

„“ with its wide range of products covers all baking needs. From making cakes, muffins, cupcakes to Macarons, a huge selection of accessories, ingredients or decorations are offered. Many of the high-quality articles such as baking pans, cookie cutters or muffin cases are produced by German companies like „Birkmann“, „Günthart“, „Städter“ or „HABA“.